Basketball betting 2021 trends

Online Basketball Betting

High-end resolution is something through which the basketball is characterized. A betting concept in basketball can be the same in one season, but it changes the next season. The uncertain times of 2020 have impacted various industries, including sports as well. However, one thing that has caught the maximum attention is basketball betting. 

Basketball was previously popular only in the United States and Latin America. The trend has now changed, and it has garnered massive viewership from India as well. The matches mostly start during early morning in India and therefore have helped the volumes generated from India. More than ever, punters from India has put its focus on basketball betting. This trend has risen, and online betting has helped punters cause.

basketball betting

You can operate your betting account from multiple platforms and from wherever you want. The invention of player tracking is useful data that help the bettors. Player tracking has been introduced by limited platforms but is gaining popularity among the punters.

Through this tool, bettors can track the player’s activity and fitness levels. His/her recent form can also be tracked, and this is a new trend that will continue in 2021 for sure. 

This will dominate not just in basketball but in various other sports as well. Punters are always on the lookout for new trends and are now utilizing this tool to derive significant profits. 2020 has been a punter’s year, and 2021 is expected to be a money minting year for punters. This tool has helped the bettors to place their bets wisely.

Bonuses and free bets to help the newbies

Deposit bonuses and free bets have attracted a lot of punters. Many online platforms allow gamblers to place a bet without risking their money. Many online bookmakers have added such bonuses and free bets to attract the newbies. Not just the newbies but even to their loyal customers, they offer free bets. 

In many cases, the people signing up for the first time are given some welcome bonuses and free bets. Like basketball, the free bets can be used for fancy bets such as under time and overtime.

The home-away record in basketball in 2020 was 48-52%, and this shows that home and away advantage has gone. However, the crowds will be back soon, and this trend will change. 

The home teams will indeed hold an advantage and as we have seen earlier home teams win the maximum matches. Overtime games bet passed 90% of the times, and this trend is likely to continue. Live stream in basketball matches gives bettors the more chances of winning. 

Basketball was previously the West’s sports, but the trends have now changed and in 2021 are expected to garner the betting volumes at par with sports like hockey and cricket. 2021 will be a pivotal year for basketball as the tapered 2020 season resulted in losses for basketball associations and in 2021, you might see the increased number of matches. Hence, gear up yourself for a great 2021.

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